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From molecular biology to genomics and competitive intelligence, we’re radically changing how scientists think and work.

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Interact with highly complex data in a way that was unimaginable until now. Supported by rigorous evidence direct from our extensive knowledge graph. EpistemicGPT is revolutionary and heralds the future of scientific research! Coming Soon.

The Epistemic AI platform helped to advance our research 1-2 years by confirming a hypothesis, and helped us to locate data that was otherwise very difficult to find.

Pierre Rocheteau
CEO, Olgram SAS


Our AI platform is a novel tool for exploring complex biomedical knowledge. It relates billions of interconnected entities which illuminate the processes of discovery and intelligence gathering, and deliver actionable results.

Beyond Search

We’ve reinvented the processes of gathering, sharing and analyzing biomedical information. We connect the dots across multiple disciplines and data sources in the life sciences, providing rapid insight into the underlying relationships among disease, diagnosis, treatment and biological function, as well as market access, drug development and competition.

Key Features


Easily share Knowledge Maps among colleagues or save a permanent link for citations, reviews, patents and INDs.


We transform the research paradigm with a fully interactive platform that can effectively inform research problems in less than 3 minutes.


By connecting subject-specific results across silos we provide the means for more efficient analysis and hypothesis generation.


Accessible data and documents can expand research opportunities and improve the design of downstream experiments.

and Accessible

Our technology promotes democratic AI: making complex tools easily accessible, and eliminating common barriers in research such as access, economic status, and research awareness.

Our aim is to decentralize AI solutions for the life sciences, create more efficient drug discovery, expand AI to all scientists, and help bring better treatments to market faster.

  • Reduce information overload
  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive web interface
  • No training required
  • More data, less tabs
  • Proactive support
  • Streamline workflows